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 Start your future today!  

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  • All programs are online.  Use your smart-phone, tablet, laptop or computer 24/7!
  • If you get stuck on anything, you can take a live GED class, online, with a teacher.
  • Watch the video to understand how the program works.

Regular pricing $569.00 a year.

GRANTS available

for low income, disability, and all non-profit programs and student sponsors.




            This is the BEST program to help someone achieve their GED dream...                        

OUR DREAM:  We would like to ask Senator Durbin to take a look at our program.  We want to see our program offered to every person on disability or on any social services in addition to those who are low income that have the motivation to change their lives through education!  We can save the government money and offer more students a "chance."  Congress, take a look at us!

Non Profits:  This is the best GED online program if you are starting out or you wish to add to your running GED program.  We have incredible tracking, testing, lessons, teacher support; nothing compares!   Start your program today!

There are two parts to the GED & TABE program: 

Online program with ALL lessons, quizzes & more for ALL four subjects (See video!)

Available all the time! 24/7


Study-at-your-own-pace program available

online, day and night; 24/7




Your 24/7 program gives you:

  • All the lessons you need
  • Quizes
  • Tests
  • Tracks how many hours you've studied
  • Shows you how close you are to finishing in each subject
  • Shows you the skills you've mastered
  • Gives you extra help and study material
  •  and so much more!







& Online, Live Classes





Live Teacher Support online - Live, online GED study hall with live teacher to help you through any challenges

  • > teacher support also by phone, text and email with in 24 hours (see the "new students" page for videos)
  • > CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO for both parts of program:

Winter 2017 -18 hardship grants available.  Programs please call, thank you.


Is there anything I can do if I can't afford the hardship grant?  YES! Sponsorship ...

Sometimes, if you are part of a non-profit organization; a church, political group, group that represents a national issue etc... you can ask if they would like to sponsor you in full or in part to register for this program.   Non-profit groups love our program as we can provide reports on what a student is studying, when and how long they are studying.  Groups can decide if they want monthly reports on your progress and can even verify up to the second your attendance so they know they are sponsoring a student that is working hard.  All sponsors are "highly encouraged" to take a tour of our program before you begin so they understand and appreciate the work you will be doing.  All they need to do is call us for a complete tour of the program.

  • Everything is online, start your future today! 24/7 > study any time day or night! STRESS-FREE Lessons, quizzes, tests and more!


  • Hardship grants are available for non-profit programs & individual students > the best adult continuing education program ever!

The BEST resource for non-profit GED programs

                               call today for more information or to start your own GED and Pre-GED program

         Give us a call for a tour - it is incredible and with exceptional tracking and reports!




Pre-GED and ESL programs also available


If you are a new student and you are NOT sponsored please call, text or register through PayPal below.


 You will need to CALL to get your username and password.  If you leave a message an instructor will contact you with your username and password within 24 hours.


                   YOU CAN START RIGHT NOW; TODAY!

You can access both parts of the program through your phone but we do suggest a tablet or laptop as the screen is bigger making it easier to study.

IMPORTANT:  GED actual tests can ONLY be taken in an official GED center.  Locations are listed on


You do not need to have a PayPal account

to pay through PayPal

         Hardship Grants available  

 Call 847 208-9543 for grant information 

Do steps 1 - 3 then call instructor for phone interview!



This is where you sign in to study all your courses!



Find your live, online GED classes and study halls, click here.



You can access both the online, live classroom and the 24/7 GED Academy through your smart-phone, tablet, laptop or computer!

    All classes & study halls are listed in Central Standard Time.

                                        Time Zone Map

 Live Online Classes times


11am CST Class time

EST (Eastern Standard) would be noon EST

PST (Pacific Standard) would be 9am PST



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